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Create renewable energy from wastewater, reduce discharge costs and reduce water intake
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Pulp and Paper

Efficient water management, biogas production, closed water loop and process water quality improvement
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Beer and Beverages

Water sustainability, reduce carbon and water footprint, lower discharge and energy costs
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Anaerobic COD removal

In anaerobic treatment, bacteria convert organic compounds to biogas in an environment without oxygen
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Biogas desulphurisation

Removal of H2S for reasons of health, safety, environment and corrosion of equipment
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Nutrient removal and recovery

Reuse of water after removal of nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphate, from the effluent
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Organic compounds are converted to biogas by bacteria: get green energy from wastewater
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Biogas scrubber: deep hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal at high uptime, even with fluctuating streams
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Cost-effective and sustainable biological process for nitrogen removal without methanol dosing
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