Paques Europe

Jos Paques - member of supervisory board

In 1960 Johan Pâques started a company that sold supplies to farmers in Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands. His son and current owner Jos Pâques joined the business soon after - initially just to lend a hand for a couple of weeks - and took over as director in 1971. Currently he is member of the Supervisory Board.

Silo construction

In the early years Paques grasped opportunities whenever they came along, but their main area of business was the construction of agricultural storage silo’s. The company was turning over millions by mid 1970’s. When the energy crisis hit, however, nobody wanted to buy silo’s anymore.

Anaerobic wastewater treatment

That is when Paques Silo Construction changed almost overnight to Paques Energy and Environment, selling its first manure fermentation plant in 1978. A meeting with Dr. Gatze Lettinga from Wageningen University in 1980 would change the company’s direction forever. He worked on the development of an anaerobic process to treat organic polluted water. Paques employee Sjoerd Vellinga was able to translate his innovative ideas into industrial designs. Designs that are still being sold around the world today. By 1983, Paques focused 100% on anaerobic water treatment.

Sulphur technology

In 1990, prof. Cees Buisman joined the company, adding to Paques portfolio the emerging sulphur technology. This enabled the design of processes that remove heavy metals from waste. It also resulted in a long term collaboration with Shell Global Solutions.


Paques will continue to invest in new technologies; combining process research with practical applications; working together with knowledge institutes and customers alike to create solutions for a world that needs ever more resources.