IONPAQ™ Electrodialysis

An electrodialysisunit consists of a package of membranes alternating selectively permeable for cations or anions. The feed and the concentrate flow between these membranes.

Cations are removed from the feedflow by the attraction of the cathode and pass the cationexchange membrane but not the anionexchange membrane. On the other hand anions are attracted by the anode and permeate through the anionexchange membrane. These ions are concentrated in the concentrate compartments next to the feed compartments.

Application of special membranes, such as monovalent selective membranes, facilitates the separation of specific types of anions or cations.

Typical applications of IONPAQ™ Electrodialysis

  • Desalination
  • Nitrate or hardness removal from water
  • Removal and concentration of salts
  • Removal and concentration of acid and lyes