IONPAQ™ Membrane electrolysis

For IONPAQ™ Membrane electrolysis the oxidative and reductive reactions at the electrodes are used while the electrodes are separated by at least one membrane. Due to electrolysis of water at the cathode OH--ions and at the anode H+-ions are produced respectively. With these ions acid and lye can be reduced together with the cation and anion from a salt.

Sometimes the cathode is used for the deposition of metals and the anode for oxydative
reactions (from Cl- to Cl2).

Typical applications of IONPAQ™ Membrane electrolysis

  • Deposition of metals (Ni, Cu, Pb, Zn) on the cathode
  • Removal of metals (Fe, Al) from chromic acid
  • Production of active chlorine and caustic from salt
  • Production of acid and lye from salt