Metal and Mining

The Metal and Mining industry is increasingly aware of the opportunities to recover valuable resources from process and bleed streams. This combines creating revenues with environmental sustainability.

Paques offers technologies for water reuse, zero discharge and water discharge for process, ground or wastewater. Examples are the removal of sulphate, recovery of metals and acids, and removal of arsenic and other toxic elements.

These technologies are successfully deployed in different stages of the metal and mining value chain, from mining and ore processing to pyro- or hydrometallurgical metal production and recycling. The process design is flexible and can be modified to the specific needs of each situation.

Aqueous process and waste streams in the metal and mining industry commonly contain dissolved metals and sulphate. The traditional method of removing these is by neutralization with an alkaline agent like lime. This produces gypsum and metal hydroxides, often as a mixture and complicates reuse of the valuable metals. It results in a large quantity of sludge that needs to be disposed off at ever increasing costs.

Paques offers sustainable and economically attractive alternatives

  • Removal of sulphate and simultaneous metal recovery by SULFATEQ™ (treatment of brines, bleeds, water from tailing dams, acid mine drainage, acid rock drainage and downstream lime treatment)
  • Metal recovery by THIOTEQ™Metal
  • Arsenic removal by THIOTEQ™Scorodite

Metal and Mining cases