Oil and Gas

Gas and water play a very important role in the Oil and Gas industry. There is a drive for water reuse across the industry, acknowledging the significant opportunity to convert the produced water waste streams into a valuable asset.

Paques offers water treatment solutions for the removal of organics, sulphur and ammonia and other well-known contaminants such as cyanide, benzene, toluene, ethylene, xylene (BTEX). Sulphur can be removed using the THIOPAQ® technology. Sulphidic spent caustics can be treated biologically very well. Another example is the removal of sulphides from the condensate produced during the cooling of gasifier off gas (raw synthesis gas).

Paques offers gas treatment solutions for the removal of hydrogen sulphide from gas streams and developed a biological solution in close cooperation with Shell Global Solutions. This technology is called Shell-Paques for natural gas and synthesis gas treatment and THIOPAQ® for refinery gas treatment.

The different technologies are developed for the major issues of the Oil and Gas sector, but can also be deployed - in accordance with the customer’s requirements - for very specific problems.