Angel Yeast

Energy-efficient ammonia removal with small footprint

Angel Yeast Company Ltd. is a world leading manufacturing company in China which has been specializing in producing yeasts and yeast derivatives for over 24 years. Angel Yeast (Binzhou) Co., Ltd. is one of the factories located in Binzhou, Shandong prov., which mainly produces fresh yeast.

The ammonium concentration in the effluent after anaerobic-aerobic treatment fluctuates from 300 to 800 mg/l. This results in a high nitrogen load and difficulties in operational control. Moreover, the factory has limited space available. Therefore in Sept. 2009, ANAMMOX® process was implemented to treatment the ammonium-rich wastewater.

For the first ANAMMOX® application in yeast wastewater treatment, a 500 m3 ANAMMOX® reactor is utilized instead of 10,000 m3 compared with the conventional A/O process. The reactor operates steadily under the ammonium load of 2 kgNH4-N/m3/d, which is the highest sludge load for industrial scale ANAMMOX® reactor so far and much higher than the conventional process.