Sustainable distillery at Roseisle in Scotland

Scotland is one of Diageo’s largest supply centres for Scottish whisky, white spirits and ready to drink brands.

The Roseisle distillery in Speyside opened its doors in 2009. The effluent treatment plant included a number of Paques technologies to help reduce CO2 emissions and minimise discharge levels. Paques installed a BIOPAQ®IC bioreactor and a BIOPAQ®Biogas Buffer, designed to treat 12,500 kg COD per day (1,300 m3 process water per day), generating about 5,500 m3 biogas per day.

Roseisle calls itself one of the most sustainable distilleries in Scotland. Wastewater is purified for reuse, removing COD, sulphides and sulphates, nitrates, ammonium, phosphates and metals. The purification process produces biogas and this helps to reduce the distillery’s CO2 emission s by 13,000 tonnes per year (equivalent to 10,000 family cars).