Sewage treatment plants Brazil

Sewage treatment in Brazil at small footprint with BIOPAQ®UBOX

In Brazil four full-scale BIOPAQ®UBOX sewage treatment plants have been realized and one is under construction in 2011.

The operational experiences and performances of the plants at the municipalities of Tupi (5,000 p.e.) and Igaraçu do Tietê (25,000 p.e.) are good. Average treatment efficiencies of COD and BOD were obtained of respectively 87% and 90% in Tupi and 80% and 83% in Igaraçu do Tietê. After the start-up period of the Tupi plant nitrification was observed, resulting in 71% removal of TKN and 83% of NH4-N. The effluent quality was: COD 59 mg/l, BOD 35 mg/l, TKN 18 mg/l, settleable solids 0.3 ml/l.h. Excess sludge was approximately 0.15 kg TSS/kg COD. The absence of odour nuisance was confirmed in the urban area nearby.