Tank Cleaner ITC Holland

New bioreactor leads to deeper purification and production of biogas

Dutch tank cleaner ITC Holland Transport BV cleans 100 to 300 trucks per day. Each cleaning produces 1,600 to 2,000 litres of wastewater with 5 to 40 kg of organic material. Before ITC installed the BIOPAQ®AFR, its wastewater was treated with a DAF unit before discharge to the sewage system.

Key driver for ITC’s change was to generate biogas from wastewater and a deeper purification that would result in lower discharge costs.

The wastewater treatment installed at ITC can treat 168 m3 of wastewater a day. The wastewater is collected in a buffer tank. It is then pre-heated in a heat exchanger before it enters the BIOPAQ®AFR. The COD conversion is 90%. As fats, oil and grease are also converted to biogas and are no longer discharged, revenues are much higher and discharge costs lower than before. The installation is designed to generate 825,000 m3 of biogas per year. This is used as a sustainable energy source for the steam boiler. The pre-treatment process and BIOPAQ®AFR are built on less than 150 m2 of space.