Video: A drone flies over the factory Fiskeby

Process water converted into energy in Fiskeby new biogas plant
In September 2015, the new water treatment plant with biogas production will be operational at the board manufacturer Fiskeby Board in Norrköping. This installation will produce about a million Nm3 of biogas / year, which equals approximately 9,000,000 kWh / year. The biogas, a renewable energy source, will be used in the production of recycled fiber based board.
Dutch company Paques, which supplies the biogas plant, has over 30 years experience of producing biogas-based energy by purifying wastewater. Although this is the first water treatment plant with biogas production in Scandinavia, Paques did deliver similar equipment to more than a 100 plants in many countries in and outside Europe. Since energy costs in the Nordic countries have increased, it is much more interesting for companies to invest in biogas producing installations.