Low-temperature ANAMMOX®


Between 2013 - 2015, Water board Hollandse Delta, water technology firm Paques and water research institute STOWA officially started a demonstration project with Cold Anammox technology, which takes place at the Dokhaven waste water treatment plant (wwtp) in Rotterdam. This is a follow-up to the promising pilot, which took place at the same location.

The demonstration project is being carried out in the underground municipal treatment plant Dokhaven in Rotterdam (620,000 population equivalents) in close cooperation with Delft University of Technology and Radboud University Nijmegen.

Anammox is a proven process at a temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius and at high nitrogen loads. For this demonstration project the process has been refined to work at low temperatures (10 - 20 °C) and low nitrogen concentrations.

The project, known as CENIRELTA (Cost-Effective NItrogen REmoval from waste water by Low-Temperature Anammox), is subsidised by the EU LIFE+ programme. Partners: Hollandse Delta Water Board, Paques, STOWA.

Scientists on various places in the world successfully made the energy-efficient method work. The CENIRELTA-project must proof that the process can be applied on a large scale at a low temperature. If successful, it will be a scoop! Not only the water in the Nieuwe Maas will be cleaner, but it will contribute to a better environment both in The Netherlands and in Europe.

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