Rental installations

If you are looking for equipment for research, trials or temporary use, Paques has a number of installations available for hire, ranging from bench scale to skid-mounted transportable systems. Our mechanics can help you with the erection and process engineers will guide you through the start-up.

We can supply you with the following rental reactors and accessory equipment:
  • BIOPAQ® UASB pilot units (60 L)
  • BIOPAQ® IC pilot units (60 L)
  • BIOPAQ® ICX biogas reactor (60 m3, local fundament needed)
  • BIOPAQ® AFR demo installation (1000 L)
  • PHOSPAQTM and ANAMMOX® demo units (variable amount of liters)
  • THIOPAQ® 10/0.7 biogas desulfurization unit (local fundament needed)
  • Containerised biogas buffer (40 m3)

The pilot installations will make clear whether the technology is a feasible solution for your specific waste water type (including the applicability of additives, changing waste water composition or adapted process parameters). Besides that, the pilots give you a good impression of the operational ease of the technology. Bigger units will answer questions on long-term runnability and economy. In addition, these units can be used if you are in need of immediate capacity, e.g. during turn-arounds, overhauls or emergencies.

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