Nutrient blends and personal dosing guidance

For improving the activity and structure of the functional microbial biomass Paques provides easy dosable liquid mixtures of macro and micro elements. The periodical dosage of these growth supplements is based on the results of regular scientific analysis of the biomass. Technologists combine the conclusions with the process demands and report the necessary dosage.

Microbes need various macro and micro elements for growth and conversion activities. Well-known as building blocks or functional cell constituents are N, K, S, and P, depending on the type of bacteria and the specific enzymes involved in the metabolism. Next to that trace elements like Cu or Ni are needed for the biological conversion process, while some bacteria also need the availability of complex organic molecules and vitamins for building-up vital cell components.

The specific blends are in-house manufactured from high grade basic components.

BIOPAQ® Micromix
(for anaerobic COD removal)
THIOPAQ® Nutrimix
(for sulfur Conversion biotechnology)
ANAMMOX® Micromix
(High-end N-removal)
- Supports granule structure
- Distinctive type for each industry
- Tailor-made
- Blends for typical applications
- Variants for reduction of caustic use
- High bio-S quality
- Supports biomass granulation
- Maximizes AMX activity

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