Facts & Awards


The environmental impact of Paques’ technologies

Even though the Paques’ technologies are mainly built on economic grounds, significant environmental advantages are reached with the Paques reference base.

  • Daily 18.2 million kg of organic pollution is treated with over 850 anaerobic BIOPAQ® installations of Paques worldwide
  • These installations produce an amount of biogas equal to the natural gas requirements of 1.7 million households in the Netherlands
  • Additionally 6.6 Mt CO2 is reduced per year
Year Award
2011 Jos Pâques awarded with the Hoogewerff Gold Medal 2011
2008 AGV Award for BBA-Technology
2007 IChemE Awards: Sellafield Award for Engineering Excellence
2006 Cathay Pacific China Trader
2006 Environmental European Press (EEP) Award
2006 Care & Profit Prize
2005 Deshima Award
2005 Global 100 Eco-Tech Award at the 2005 World Exposition Aichi, Japan
2003 Jos Pâques and Sjoerd Vellinga awarded with the Dow Energy Prize 2003
2002 Paques’ ANAMMOX® techology awarded with Machevo Award
2002 Jos Pâques appointed as an Officer in the Order of Orange
1999 Environment Prize for Industry
1999 King William I Plaque for Environment and Energy