Operational support

Service Operational and Technical Support

A reliable and efficient operation of a Paques plant also depends on the provided service level. Paques Services offers extensive experience and know-how to ensure the required quality is met.

Technology coaching

Direct contact with Paques’ process engineers during a short-term or long-term contract is a strong benefit for the efficiency and reliability of your water or biogas treatment installation. Short-term coaching focuses on immediate (proven) improvements, whereas long-term control improves performance efficiency and ensures monitoring support.

Trouble shooting

Paques Services offers quick contact for the exchange or information, to find causes and short-term solutions. If necessary a Paques specialist will visit your plant for hands-on assistance.

Process and equipment scan

The installation’s life-span and reliability can be expanded by a process and equipment scan. Paques’ experienced auditors screen your treatment plant on process, equipment and/or safety aspects. Findings are reported regarding correct operation, condition of the process and equipment and the compliance with safety regulations.

The report is usable for your quality system and gives hands-on recommendations for improvement.

Start-up assistance

Experienced start-up engineers are available to help re-start your installation after overhauls, setups or inter-campaigns.

Courses and training

Paques organises in-company courses and training sessions for teaching or refreshing the operational and theoretical knowledge and skills