Technical support

Service Operational and Technical Support

In order to keep Paques installations in perfect condition, regular maintenance is a must. For both new and aged installations, Paques Services provides experts in technical support, from thorough inspections to mechanical or instrumentation upgrades.

Mounting and repairs

Paques’ experienced service engineers are fully prepared and equipped to safely install new equipment or repair existing parts on site. In close co-operation with the client, Paques also supervises major repair jobs or overhauls.

Maintenance and inspection

Frequent maintenance and inspection of your installation result in a higher efficiency and life-span. Paques Services offers inspection visits during which the mechanical and/or equipment state of the installation is checked by specialists.

Revisions and retrofits

The long life of the Paques equipment is further expanded by Paques’ revision and retrofit programme (e.g. BIOPAQ®UASB retrofit). Paques not only has a lot of experience in updating Paques’ installations, but also in improving products of other suppliers.

Paques Services is your first contact to discuss the possibilities for regular maintenance, an upgrade, retrofit or overhaul of your installation.