Industriewater Eerbeek

Dealing with H2S in biogas from papermills

Industriewater Eerbeek in the Netherlands treats wastewater from three different neighbouring paper mills. The biogas is used in a gas engine to generate electricity.

The UASB-type bioreactors of the paper mills produce biogas that is polluted with hydrogen sulphide. To protect the gas engine from corrosion, the H2S has to be removed from the biogas. There are large fluctuations in the biogas flow and consequently, in the sulphur load.

The customer chose THIOPAQ® technology for H2S removal as it handles these fluctuations elegantly and reduces the hydrogen sulphide level from ~1 v% to less than 25 ppm. The THIOPAQ® installation is already operational since 1993 to full satisfaction of the customer, with very low maintenance requirements.