ASTRASAND®COMPAQT is a new and improved continuous sand filter, developed for different types of water, such as process, waste, surface, cooling and ground water.

ASTRASAND®COMPAQT works as a continuous process, in which the filter bed is cleaned during the filtration operation. Interruptions are eliminated through this continuous self-cleaning process.

ASTRASAND®COMPAQT Sand filtration is a proven filtration process that can be utilised for many types of wastewater, with unit capacity varying from only a few to several thousand m3/hour. It is a highly efficient and reliable system, which offers a short lead time and a better sand velocity distribution than conventional sand filters. With a non-metal tank and use of materials that are resistant to chemicals and corrosion it also offers lower operational and maintenance costs.

Characteristics of the ASTRASAND®COMPAQT

• Small footprint – easy to install in larger treatment systems
• Polishing of municipal and industrial waste water
• Reuse of water, in combination with polishing, membrane filtration and disinfection
• Direct filtration of surface water with in-line flocculation
• Aerobic biological purification of water, e.g. for MAC and PAC degradation
• Wash water treatment in drinking and process water production processes
• (Biological) side stream filtration of cooling water

  • Lowest investment costs:
    • 30% reduction in height
    • Lower cost of ancillary materials
    • Shortest lead time
    • Flexible size range
  • Highly efficient, reliable system
    • Better sand velocity distribution
    • Low risk of plugging
    • Worldwide proven filtration process
    • Stable performance
  • Lowest operating costs*
    • 20% lower energy consumption
    • Reduced life cycle cost
    • Chemical and corrosion resistant materials
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Better carbon footprint

The benefits of the ASTRASAND COMPAQT

How does the ASTRASAND COMPAQT work