Boost your biological reactor with our unique Powermix nutrients blends

Healthy diet
To remain healthy, humans need a balanced  diet of macro-nutrients (protein, fat and carbo hydrates) and micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements). Bacteria are no different; macro-nutrients are generally available, whilst micro-nutrients can be lacking. It is this lack of nutrients that makes bacteria suffer and reactors underperform.

Paques Powermix; a balanced supplement
With 3,000 installed referencers in more than 60 countries, Paques knows biological treatment. 40 years of experience gave us the knowledge to develop optimal formula to create balanced nutrient supplements in order to boost the performance of your biological reactor.

Paques Powermix; the perfect solution
Are you unable to find the nutrient blend you require? No problem! Paques can easily tailor the blend to your specific wastewater/gas conditions or site requirements. Our fully equipped research facilities and dedicated Services teams are there to help you identify deficiencies in the reactor feed or biocatalyst.  With laboratory and on-site trials, ongoing technical support (covering the whole treatment process)  and offering ways to optimise system operation, Paques brings you the right solution. Click HERE to get an overview of all Paques Powermix nutrient blends.

Benefits of Paques Powermix nutrient blends are:
•  Created from 40 years of experience
•  Increase the performance and profitability of your treatment plant
•  High-active, concentrated blends reduce delivery and freight costs
•  Consists of high quality raw material
•  100% biologically absorbable
•  Delivered in batch and bulk volumes
•  Easy to dose
•   Available as:    All round blend    Custom industry blends    Custom client blends

ANDY POWERMIX - Boost your biological anaerobic reactor
• ANDY Powermix is your blend for anaerobic reactors that convert COD into biogas.
• Adds all essential micro-nutrients to your reactor.
• Increases the methane content of the biogas produced.
• Improves granulation and growth of high value granular anaerobic biocatalyst.
• Custom industry blends available.

THEO POWERMIX - Boost your biogas desulfurization unit
•  THEO Powermix is your blend for sulfide oxidizing reactors that convert H2S into elemental sulfur. 
•  Adds all essential micro-nutrients to your reactor.
•  Improves the operability and increasing the performance of your desulfurization reactor.

ANA POWERMIX - Boost your nitrogen removal reactor
• ANA Powermix Powermix is your blend for reactors containing Anammox bacteria converting NH4+ and NO2- into nitrogen gas.
•  Adds all essential micro-nutrients to your reactor.
•  Increases the robustnes of your reactor.
•  Custom industry blends available.