Vision & Mission


Paques biotechnology helps companies to reduce fresh water intake, decrease their carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources from waste. Major global changes make integration of water purification, sustainable energy generation and reuse of resources of growing importance.

Water scarcity is one of the most important challenges of today and for the future. Water is a bare necessity of life. It is essential in the production of food, goods and energy, for socio- economic development and for maintaining healthy ecosystems. Although 70% of the earth’s surface consists of water, only 1% is fresh water and available for human consumption. A growing world population, a changing climate and higher standards of living only intensify the pressure on already scarce resources.

Continuing global warming and depleting reserves of fossil fuels force us to explore alternative, sustainable energy sources. There is a close connection between energy and water, as one is needed to use the other.

The world’s natural resources are running low. Take phosphate, an essential element in the production of food. It is expected that half of the world’s current high-grade resources will be gone before the end of the century. Besides this, reserves of some base metals are expected to be depleted within two decades.


Revitalizing resources
Paques' mission is to design biotechnological processes to purify water and gas streams in order to improve the sustainability of companies and contribute to the balanced improvement of People, Profit and Planet through revitalization of resources.