Real-time VFA-monitoring in anaerobic wastewater treatment systems

SENSOTRAQ® is a world-first, real-time sensor solution that provides direct monitoring of anaerobic reactors. This in-line measurement is based on bio-electrochemical sensor technology that shows a direct correlation with the VFA-concentration in the effluent of the reactor. This data allows operators to continually monitor the health of their wastewater treatment process. Furthermore, this data can be leveraged with other water quality and operational data to improve/ optimize system performance.

The online SENSOTRAQ® dashboard allows users to visualize their biological reactor’s heath real time. The data is presented with user options to view on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or customized intervals. Data can be selected and downloaded in CSV format for off-line data analysis or can be integrated with the existing SCADA system. Multiple installed electrodes can be visualized with the same login and dashboard allowing for a single location to visualize a network of installed probes.

SENSOTRAQ® is the tool for system operators to help stabilize/optimize system performance and avoid costly system failures by providing early warning of biological instability. 

The sensors are installed and connected through a 1.5” NPT fitting into a pipe with at least 2” in diameter. Typical installation for a single probe is in the recirculation line of the anaerobic reactor. However if sequential tanks are present for pre-acidification etc. a probe installation in each tank is recommended. The sensors require no chemicals or maintenance.

Data produced from the sensor can be used to:
  • Risk reduction on biomass loss due to unexpected toxic spills or overloading, by the real time / early warning system
  • Predict process upset via instability in the effluent VFA concentration
  • Correlate fluctuating bio-electrode output to system input / process / operational events
  • Aggregate data to determine daily, weekly, and monthly performance patterns

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