Laboratory analyses and tests

“Our dedicated laboratory staff has been trained to handle your samples quickly and with accuracy.”

The Paques laboratory are used for internal R&D, but the facilities are also available to generating and analysing detailed information about your treatment process.
We can provide you with information based on the following tests:

  • Microscopic characterisation
  • Methanogenic activity tests
  • Sulfidogenic activity tests
  • De-ammonification activity tests
  • Aerobic activity tests
  • Toxicity assays
  • Biodegradability assays
  • (Heavy) metals contents analyses
  • Surfactants, flocculants or fat detection
  • Biogas composition analyses
  • Long-term laboratory bench tests

These specialist analyses are necessary if you need to qualify your reactor biocatalyst, if you want assess process additives or additional waste water streams or if you suspect contaminants negatively influence your WWT-results.

More information

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