Facts & Awards


The environmental impact of Paques’ technologies

Even though the Paques’ technologies are mainly built on economic grounds, significant environmental advantages are reached with the Paques reference base.

  • Daily 25.8 million kg of organic pollution is treated with over 1048 anaerobic BIOPAQ® installations of Paques worldwide
  • These installations produce an amount of biogas equal to the natural gas requirements of 2.8 million households in the Netherlands
  • Additionally 11.2 Mt CO2 is reduced per year



Year Award
2018 Frisian Enterpreneur of the year 2018 award
2018 Brasil Visao Agro award 2018 " Best water and effluent treatment South central region of Brasil" 
2018 Malayasian Dutch Business Council MISA award 2018 " Best environmental innovation"
2014 Nomination for the Dutch Koning Willem I Prize
2011 Jos Pâques awarded with the Hoogewerff Gold Medal 2011
2008 AGV Award for BBA-Technology
2007 IChemE Awards: Sellafield Award for Engineering Excellence
2006 Cathay Pacific China Trader
2006 Environmental European Press (EEP) Award
2006 Care & Profit Prize
2005 Deshima Award
2005 Global 100 Eco-Tech Award at the 2005 World Exposition Aichi, Japan
2003 Jos Pâques and Sjoerd Vellinga awarded with the Dow Energy Prize 2003
2002 Paques’ ANAMMOX® techology awarded with Machevo Award
2002 Jos Pâques appointed as an Officer in the Order of Orange
1999 Environment Prize for Industry
1999 King William I Plaque for Environment and Energy


ISO 9001 & SCC certification

Paques is SCC certified. This is the abbreviation for Safety Health and the Environment (SHE) Checklist Contractors and helps to perform our work with greater safety awareness. The SCC system complies with the requirements laid down in European standards.

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