Beer and Beverages

Water sustainability has become a significant issue for FMCG companies. Many companies publish information on their water usage and are committed to reducing their carbon and water footprints. Paques technologies for treating water and gas can significantly contribute to this aim.

Due to the rapidly rising costs of process water and wastewater, pro-active water management and wastewater treatment are of increasing importance in the beer and beverage industry. Major reductions in discharge costs are achieved by treating wastewater on site. Anaerobic treatment converts organic components into valuable biogas, thus reducing discharge costs and energy costs at the same time.

The flow and chemical composition of the wastewater fluctuates significantly. This is a normal consequence of the brewing and distillation process, but it does require a flexible operating installation. Paques specific expertise in building odour-free installations in confined spaces is also very useful for this industry, as many breweries and distilleries are located in urban areas.

Paques successfully combines anaerobic with aerobic and/or bio-membrane technology and has more than 200 references in the beer and beverage industry.

This very solid experience helps customers to

  • Reduce discharge costs and comply with environment regulations
  • Reduce energy costs up to 15% by generating renewable energy from wastewater
  • Enable recycling of process and non-process water (such as water for steam boilers)
  • Reduce water consumption

Beer and Beverages cases