BIOPAQ UASBplus - anaerobic COD removal - biogas from wastewater by Paques - 1

As the focus on water recycling increases, Paques anticipates demands for treating wastewater with higher COD levels, a trend already visible in the food and bio-ethanol industries. The BIOPAQ®UASBplus technology has been designed for this specific development.

BIOPAQ®UASBplus is a flexible solution for anaerobic effluent treatment at low total cost of ownership. It can be applied to a wide range of wastewater types and is specifically suitable to treat concentrated wastewater with COD measuring 15,000 to 60,000 mg/l.

In the BIOPAQ®UASBplus bioreactor, organic compounds (COD) are converted to biogas by bacteria in the absence of air. In this way, effluent discharge costs are reduced and at the same time green energy is produced.

This system excels thanks to its highly effective separator design. This ensures very efficient biogas collection and optimal biomass retention. The modular separator can be mounted in any new or existing tank (welded steel, bolted steel, concrete or GRP).

BIOPAQ®UASBplus is Paques best solution for

  • Any industry with wastewater that contains high concentrations of soluble organic pollutants
  • Clients who want to upgrade their existing wastewater treatment installation

BIOPAQ®UASBplus is already applied successfully in several industrial scale plants. A pilot plant is available for on-site testing.

Advantages of BIOPAQ®UASBplus

  • Production of consistent effluent qualities
  • Production of biogas
  • Modular three-phase separator that can be mounted in any new or existing tank
  • Closed system: no odour emissions
Typical influent characteristics
Characteristic Influent specification
COD level 15,000 to 60,000 mg COD/l

Working principle

The BIOPAQ®UASBplus bioreactor contains a smart three-phase separator to separate the generated biogas and the biomass from the purified water.

Characteristics of the separator

  • Outstanding biogas collection
  • Optimal biomass retention
  • Modular design to fit in any tank dimension
  • Built-in cleaning nozzles to minimise the risk of clogging
  • Made of high quality polypropylene

BIOPAQ®UASBplus cases

  • Successful retrofit in existing anaerobic wastewater treatme...