Biocatalyst - Anaerobic Granular Sludge


Paques supplies highly active biomass for several technologies. Whether you need a major quantity for a reactor (re)start-up or only small supplies on a regular base, Paques delivers high quality biomass with short delivery times.

We support your reactor conversion capacity by the following services:
  1. Supply of ANAEROBIC GRANULAR biocatalyst
  2. Supply of THIOPAQ biocatalyst
  3. Supply of ANAMMOX biocatalyst
  4. Classification of biocatalyst by laboratory analyses and tests

Paques has a vast network of qualified biomass suppliers and logistics firms in most parts of the world. Consequently we have access to major quantities of excess biomass, mostly originating from well-performing Paques reactors. This enables us to supply any demand for biomass, small or large, with efficient transport, good quality biomass and on short term.

More information

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