Biogas Buffer & Flare

Biogas Buffer

Biogas Buffer by Paques

A gas buffer is required to equalize the pressure and flow of the biogas produced in the anaerobic treatment step.

The Biogas Buffer has a very practical design that allows for easy inspection and convenient service of its vital parts. It does not rely on failure-prone rotating equipment or the commonly used guarded water locks, but uses dead weight for counter pressure. The Biogas Buffer is an ingenious solution for companies who want reliability and simplicity.

The Biogas Buffer volumes range from models of 5 m3 (bag type) to 240 m3 (membrane type). All are housed in an attractive stainless steel design that is also reliably gas-tight.

Advantages of Paques Biogas Buffer
  • Robust materials
  • Failure proof design
  • Easy to maintain

Biogas Flare

Biogas Flare by Paques

The Biogas Flare combines a sturdy quality with a unique compact design aimed at simplicity. This means that methane-rich biogas of a low pre-pressure can be discharged safely and reliably without involving failure-prone rotating equipment such as ventilators or control valves.

The Biogas Flare is equipped with a venturi-type burner that gives a stable low-noise flame and a powerful ignition system that even generates sparks if held under water. Electric or pneumatic fail-safe valves and electronic flame checks complete the system. The product range allows for gas flaring of 80 to 3,000 m3 per hour at a pre-pressure of 30 mbar.

Advantages of Paques Biogas Flare
  • Long life materials
  • Low failure design
  • Stable invisible flame
  • Low noise
  • Compact design