MBOX™ is an external cross flow system with tubular membranes. This technology is typically applied as ultrafiltration step for water reuse.

MBOX™ incorporates the patented BioAir DS system, which stands out well above other systems for its very low energy requirements and prolonged lifetime of membranes.

Low energy requirement and long membrane lifetime

The power consumption is low as air is injected downstream with the influent flow from the top of the membrane modules. The air bubbles create shear on the membrane surface. This results in high turbulence that prevents fouling, whilst keeping the water velocities low. Also, an even distribution of air and influent over all individual tubes is created.

As the water velocities are kept low, the pressure loss over the length of the membrane is low and the trans-membrane pressure is equal over the total length of the tubes. Backwash pressure to clean the membrane can therefore be kept low, is effective over the whole tubular length and cleaning can be done without interrupting the influent stream.

Thanks to the downstream air injection system, the membrane surface is continuously cleaned. This prolongs the membrane lifetime as less chemical cleaning is required.

Advantages of MBOX™

  • Energy-efficient membrane installation with cross flow modus
  • Effective usage of all membrane tubes
  • Low fouling through maximum turbulence on membrane surface
  • Low backwash pressure is effective to clean the total membrane length
  • Longer membrane lifetime as very little chemical cleaning is needed