Process support

Paques process engineers are there to assist your operators occasionally or on a regular base. Short term help can be process trouble shooting, reviews and help during calamities. Long-term involvement can help you to improve your daily operational results.

Technological schooling and operational trainings are available for new staff or in case your current staff needs an update of process knowledge.

We support your operational team by the following services:
  • Operational inspections of on-line plants
  • Trouble shooting
  • Process reviews
  • Safety inspections
  • Remote coaching
  • Hands-on help in case of calamities
  • (Re-) start-up coaching
  • Training in technological principles
  • Operational trainings
  • Occasional extra lab analyses
  • THIOPAQ® operational process support

Paques’ operational process assistance can create value through more stability and increased uptime. By quick response to alarms and early corrective measures down-time is reduced. Regular discussion on trends and observations eventually prevents efficiency loss or even a costly re-start of the reactor.

Since we value the skills of your operators for a safe and stable treatment process, we emphasize the importance of schooling before and during start-ups, during daily operations or during regular visits. This training will help your operators to understand the excellence and the possibilities of the installation.

More information

Please contact our service department by mail or telephone +1 781 365 1178