Since the 80’s, hundreds of anaerobic upflow granular wastewater treatment systems were built. Although a lot of these reactors still operate, they actually need an overhaul for technical or process reasons.
Paques has a number of designs with which these existing reactors, regardless of which supplier, can be rebuild to a new or better-than-new operational state.
By providing a complete rebuild, including re-start assistance, a major overhaul is a good alternative for an entire new reactor.

Even though each reactor has its own needs for detailed engineering and tailor made parts, Paques rebuilds are basically based on proven standard designs and lead to an improved efficiency, lower maintenance, an unaltered plant lay-out, (re)use of existing equipment and an extended reactor life span.
Since a thorough planning and preparation is needed, taking the reactor off-line may involve a partial production stop or providing a by-pass to a (temporary) second reactor. Paques supplies full assistance with this and other jobs like storage of granular sludge and cleaning the reactor and scaffolding. A rebuild is in general the ideal moment for internal inspection of the reactor tank and piping.

Paques has developed rebuild packages for the following reactor types:

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