Pulp and Paper

Water is required in almost every step of the production process of pulp and paper. The wastewater streams vary greatly in concentration and composition (e.g. COD, BOD, suspended solids, wood extractives, sulphur, pH). Due to stricter rules and regulations with regard to fresh water intake and wastewater discharge, efficient water management has become essential to the industry. 

Over 200 of Paques installations treat Pulp and Paper effluents worldwide. This experience, combined with decades of expertise in biological purification, physical separation and filtration, enables Paques to design, build and deliver a custom-made and cost-effective purification process. The BIOPAQ®IC bioreactor is the most popular and dynamic anaerobic reactor of its kind. It has been copied, but never rivalled.

Paques’ technology results in low energy use and minimum sludge production, keeping operational costs low. Biogas production from the anaerobic reactor becomes increasingly important as a source of renewable energy. In most cases this even results in a positive energy balance for the entire purification plant. Paques has integrated biological treatment in the closed water loop, resulting in significant improvements in the quality of the process water.

Pulp and Paper cases