BIOPAQ® - Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

Paques BIOPAQ® range offers a broad range of anaerobic technologies whereby bacteria convert organic compounds (COD) to biogas in an environment with or without oxygen (aerobic vs. anaerobic).

Paques BIOPAQ®AFR for fat containing wastewater

Innovative technology for anaerobic COD removal including fats and proteins in one reactor.

Paques BIOPAQ®IC for anaerobic COD reoval

Clever Internal Circulation system for anaerobic COD removal from wastewater and biogas production.


Flexible anaerobic effluent treatment based on BIOPAQ®IC technology and implementable in existing assets.

BIOPAQ UASB - anaerobic COD removal

Traditional wastewater treatment, anaerobic COD removal and biogas production.

Paques BIOPAQ®UASBplus for anaerobic COD removal

Closed system for anaerobic COD removal of high loaded wastewaters and optimum biogas production.

Paques BIOPAQ®UBOX for anaerobic and aerobic COD removal

Smart combination of anaerobic and aerobic COD removal in one reactor.