Services - Boost your wastewater and gas treatment

“Use our expertise to optimise your installation”

Industrial services are becoming increasingly important for companies. Common objectives are the increase of production efficiency, reliability, safety and flexibility. Paques has gained extensive knowledge and experience by many years of designing and building industrial wastewater and gas treatment plants.
Paques offers you expertise and support, like process optimisation, troubleshooting, delivery of spare parts, nutrients and biomass, but also long-term maintenance contracts and retrofits for wastewater & gas treatment installations.
By selecting one or more of our service activities, ranging from remote monitoring to contracts for delivery of parts and maintenance, you will be ensured of carefree support. Paques offers you high quality services based on experience and long term partnerships.
By involving Paques Services you can expect the highest quality and the best results in both know-how and technical support!

Paques Services aims for:
  • Increased up-time and avoidance of unexpected upsets
  • Optimised biological processes
  • Improved stable reactor performance
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Boosted green energy revenues
  • Enhanced COD removal
  • Expanded asset life-span
  • Updated safety situation
  • Use of original spare parts and process specific nutrient blends
  • Tap into 40 years of experience with more than 2900 references worldwide

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