Flexible anaerobic effluent treatment based on BIOPAQ®IC technology and implementable in existing assets

The BIOPAQ®IC technology is proven technology which is worldwide recognised as the most efficient way to clean industrial wastewater and produce biogas at the same time. BIOPAQ®ICX, a new development in the BIOPAQ® product line, was designed by Paques in order to meet today’s customer’s requirements.

BIOPAQ®ICX combines the excellent properties of the BIOPAQ®IC reactor with a high flexibility with regard to tank design. The compact system is even implementable in existing tanks. Due to high overall biomass levels and concentration, the system can deal with high volumetric loading rates. The 2-stage biomass retention prevents wash-out of biomass and high liquid velocities and high excellent mixing properties enables handling a wide range of industrial wastewater.  

The BIOPAQ®ICX process explained

BIOPAQ®ICX: upgrade your anaerobic reactor to get the IC Xperience!

Do you have an under-performing reactor? Does it loose biomass? Then BIOPAQ®ICX is a solution for you. This technology is particularly well suited for upgrading reactors. Click here for more information.

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