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Ice cream factory to derive green energy with BIOPAQ®AFR and THIOPAQ®

An all-in-one anaerobic system which converts industrial wastewater with fats, proteins and hydrocarbons into biogas.

The BIOPAQ®AFR (which is called “The Chunkinator” at Ben & Jerry’s) represents the best environmental and commercial option for reducing the environmental impact of the site and the cost of effluent discharge. By creating renewable energy the BIOPAQ®AFR perfectly fits in one of the many missions of the Ben & Jerry’s brand.

Ben & Jerry's - BIOPAQ AFR from Paques

– Mr Gerald-Jan Tijhof, Manager waste(water)treatment & recovery: –

Ben & Jerry’s has a slogan: ”Making the best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way”. B&J buys fair-trade ingredients and produces the ice cream on the most ecologically attractive manner. Next to that, B&J strives to reduce the CO2 emissions. Converting waste and wastewater into valuable biogas is a perfect solution, since a lower consumption of natural gas lowers the CO2 emission.

The BIOPAQ®AFR, built at a small footprint, has a short hydraulic retention time and has proven to be both an economically and ecologically attractive solution!

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